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ADM provides both traditional and unique fiber ingredients for pet foods, treats and snacks.

Traditional fiber ingredients available through ADM include:

  • Cottonseed hulls
  • Peanut hulls and fiber
  • Wheat middlings

Soybean Hulls: Perceptions is not Reality
Soybean hulls should be considered by pet food manufacturers when seeking an alternative ingredient to reduce formulation costs while maintaining nutritional quality of their products. Contrary to public perception, research demonstrates soybean hulls, like beet pulp, provide the nutritional health benefits desired by pet owners for their dogs and cats. Soybean hulls are a prime example that perception is not always reality when considering the nutritional value of ingredients for dogs and cats. Perhaps research results represent the beginning of a new paradigm in which soybean hulls are the new gold standard.

Unique fiber ingredients available through ADM include:
  • Fibersol®*: Through a joint venture with Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., ADM offers a soluble, highly functional dietary fiber that offers multiple benefits. Fibersol®-2 and Fibersol®-2 AG dietary soluble fiber are excellent way to increase fiber content in products.
*Not a trademark of ADM.