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Trend & Specialty Ingredients
We continue to build our portfolio of ingredients so as to help you create niche products and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. As your strategic partner, we work with you to develop new products and modify current ones to meet changing demands.

With the addition of Specialty Commodities Inc. to the ADM family, we have access to hard-to-find, functional and non-traditional ingredients such as ancient grains, legumes, and dried fruits and vegetables. Our expansive catalog is constantly shifting to provide the latest on trending items and insights to help ensure product uniqueness. Our breadth of ingredients provides nutrition, texture and taste to any pet food or treat.

Value-Add Ingredients: Through our ADM Animal Nutrition division, our pet nutrition specialists provide innovative ingredient solutions through the use of versatile ingredients like edible beans, peanut powder and protein isolates along with an ever-expanding portfolio of proprietary ingredients.

Versity™ is a high-quality protein with a profile of essential amino acids that make it an ideal pet food ingredient. It’s a smart alternative to animal proteins with more label appeal than plant-based sources like corn, wheat and soy. Versity is an ideal niche protein product for adding a consistent supply of quality protein when animal- or plant-based proteins won’t suffice.