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Custom Premixes & Pre-blending
ADM Animal Nutrition™ is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of vitamin and trace mineral premixes, specialty ingredients and food additives for companion animals. With more than 400 ingredient options, customers can rely on ADM’s manufacturing and nutrition expertise to produce a variety of custom blends such as:
  • Vitamin Premixes
  • Trace Mineral Premixes
  • Dry Ingredient Blends
Our Pet Nutrition team works closely with experts within the ADM Animal Nutrition™ business team, so when you partner with us, you have access to all the services and expertise of the leader in premix and specialty blending. We offer precise nutrient handling, with extensive experience with ingredients that have unique handling properties. And, we provide the traceability and quality control necessary for your success.

Save time, Space and Resources
Increase efficiencies by letting our experts procure, manage and blend ingredients. We also provide you with the convenience of improved inventory management by lessening the bin space required in your facility. Plus, by utilizing customized ingredient blends that meet your production needs, you can better optimize your core operation.

Ensure Quality
We understand the importance of critical safety monitoring for your overall success. To ensure the accuracy of each production batch, we utilize in-depth quality control measures throughout our production processes. These checks and balances include NIR testing of incoming ingredients, ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection, and bar-coding for continuous ingredient and lot tracking.

Customize Solutions
Our expert team understands the art and science of mixing various ingredients to help you create your own unique pet food offering. Collaborate with us to turn your unique ideas into niche products. We thrive on working directly with clients on ideation and development plans for new product introductions.

ADM Animal Nutrition™ has specialized in formulating and manufacturing custom premixes and ingredient blends for more than 20 years. Contact us to learn more about our formulation services for your premixes, blends or complete diet needs.

Our premix manufacturing facilities are certified SEDEX, HACCP by SGS North America, Organic by Ecocert ICO, and APHIS. Our select pet ingredient blending facilities do not use restricted-use proteins and are antibiotic free.