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Services and Technical Support
We make product purchasing easy because we can source, service and provide virtually all your ingredient needs. But, we do more than supply ingredients.

When you partner with us, you have access to all the services and expertise of the leader in premix and specialty blending. We offer precise nutrient handling, especially with ingredients that have unique handling properties. And we set the standard for the service, quality products and timely delivery that’s vital to your business.

  • Ensure quality. Our quality control programs, including vendor assurance, ingredient traceability, industry certifications and customer audits, underscore our commitment to providing our customers with value and security. We understand the importance of critical safety monitoring for your overall success, and we have in-depth quality control measures in place throughout our process to ensure the accuracy of each production batch. Varied by facility and type of production, our checks and balances include near-infrared (NIR) testing of incoming ingredients, ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection, and bar-coding for continuous ingredient and lot tracking.
  • Customize solutions. Our team of nutritional and technical experts understand the art and science of mixing various ingredients to add value to your business and help you create unique, nutritional offerings. Collaborate with us to turn your unique ideas into functional products. We thrive on working directly with clients on ideation and development plans for new product introductions.
  • Consult nutritional experts. Our expert team of animal specialists and Ph.D. nutritionists work with you to develop solutions that meet the diverse nutritional needs of different species. Consult with our experts for formulation and new product development, technical support and production assistance backed by research and a wealth of real-world experience.