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ADM Animal Nutrition's locations/facilities in Canada manufacture and market nutritional premixes for livestock, poultry, and pets, distributes proprietary ADM and other feed ingredients, feed additives, feed medications, and other animal health products. Our mission is to become the most sought-after supplier to the feed and pet food industries in Canada through development of ADM value-added products, marketing of a full line of feed products and ingredients, feed formulation technology, and support services for our proprietary customers.

In Canada: ADM Animal Nutrition impacts animal feed technology and feed product distribution from coast to coast. Locations are strategically located across the country to efficiently service farm, feed mill, and integrated production units:
  • Maritimes: Covered by a Territory Manager who serves the feed industry throughout the Maritime provinces.
  • Quebec: Sales office in St. Hyacinthe, 30 miles southeast of Montreal with bilingual sales and support staff, including nutritionists, and warehouse.
  • Ontario: Offices and manufacturing facility located in Woodstock. Included are an ionophore and medication-free premix plant, a physically separated feed additive blending plant, a small package line, and a one-stop on-site warehouse. The office houses production, marketing and sales, technical and support staff.
  • Western Canada: Located in Lethbridge, Alberta is a premix-blending plant, phosphate-distribution terminal and sales office for the Premix and Feed, Animal Health and Sunny South Veterinary Services groups.

Elsewhere in North America: ADM Animal Nutrition manufactures and markets throughout North America, Latin America, and internationally from plants at:
  • Woodstock, Ontario and Lethbridge, Alberta
  • A medication-free mixing facility in Effingham, Illinois
  • An animal protein free facility in Lincoln, Illinois
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Barceloneta, Puerto Rico

Internationally: ADM Animal Nutrition is involved in a number of international feed and feed-related operations, primarily in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia. The company has regional offices in Hong Kong and Japan and is involved in feed manufacture, feed ingredient distribution, broiler productions, and joint ventures in Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. In Latin America, ADM Animal Nutrition plants supply feed and animal health products. Joint ventures are held in Colombia and Mexico and other technical agreements are in place in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Europe.

Feed Research: The world-wide feed industry continues to be driven to higher efficiencies by sound, well-documented, and repeatable research. In Canada, new ADM feed research and technology is driven by two species-specific nutritionists, working with regional territory managers and location management.
Canada also draws on research from:
  • The ADM Animal Nutrition Technical Team working from two research centers in the mid-west United States
  • Sound, reputable, impartial and repeatable research from major feed ingredient suppliers around the world.

ADM's commitment is to commercially applicable feed research that improves our customers' efficiency and profitability. These facilities provide sound evidence of the Company's dedication to its customers and their businesses and have proven to be a key reason for our growth in animal nutrition.

Regulations for product use are established by country. Information contained on this site pertains only to Canada, and is not intended to provide adequate information for product use. Before using any product, read and carefully observe the label directions.