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Complex Proteins
PROPLEX-DY is a high-quality, flowable protein meal applicable to the feed industry that is composed of dried Saccharomyces yeast. It is a good source of digestible amino acids and intended for use in fish, crustacean, swine and poultry feeds that require a high-quality protein with low anti-nutritional properties. PROPLEX-DY does not contain animal proteins.
PROPLEX T is your cost-effective, complementary protein source that can be used in place of expensive and/or variable protein products. PROPLEX T perfectly complements other protein sources by providing added flexibility in ration formulation due to lower inclusion rate needed to achieve targeted levels of essential amino acids.
L-lysine, Supplemental
ADM produces two forms of supplemental lysine for use in the feed and pet food industry, L-lysine Monohydrochloride 98.5 percent Feed Grade and L-lysine Liquid 50 percent Feed Grade. L-lysine offers a cost-effective way to supplement feedstuffs that are low or deficient in lysine. Primarily used in swine and poultry diets, L-lysine also meets supplementation needs in aquaculture. Transported in bulk and applied with a computer-controlled metering system, L-lysine Liquid 50 percent offers a viable alternative to traditional dry L-lysine. Supplementing diets with L-lysine and L-threonine, which reduces dietary crude protein, can also lower nitrogen excretion and improve nitrogen efficiency.
L-threonine 98.5 percent Feed Grade
ADM L-threonine 98.5 percent Feed Grade is a highly purified, granular form of supplemental L-threonine. Used with L-lysine, L-threonine helps formulate diets closer to animals’ amino acid requirements, reduce dietary crude protein, decrease nitrogen excretion and improve nitrogen efficiency. Research supports increasing the use of supplemental L-threonine in swine, poultry, aquaculture and pet diets.