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Swine Nursery
ADM Animal Nutrition’s MotivAte™ Starter products and programs are designed to get pigs off to an efficient, fast start. Fast and efficient starts increase growth performance as our internal research indicates that for every additional pound of body weight gain, one can expect market weight to be reached 2-3 days sooner or simply a heavier pig at market when days are fixed. In addition, increasing performance of younger/lighter pigs leads to more uniformity at market weight.

The MotivAte Starter Program offers flexibility to address differing production and manufacturing goals and the various nutrient requirements of pigs from weaning to 50 lb. Targeting weaning age/weight allows us to recommend the appropriate MotivAte products based on energy, amino acids, lactose and various specialty ingredients that enhance efficient growth in the young pig.

Utilizing ADM Animal Nutrition’s growth model allows our nutritionists to evaluate performance and projections from wean to finish, while working closely with swine producers to continually monitor their operation. Our nutritionist can then make suggestions that enhance performance, start to finish.