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MaxLean® Grow/Finish Complete Feeds
  • Complete feed options for pigs from 40 lb to market weight
  • Provides optimal amounts of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals with single product convenience with no ingredients to inventory; no need to formulate diets; no on-farm mixing is required; simplifies feeding; ensures uniformity of diet and precise amounts of nutrients for growing and finishing
  • Variety of protein/lysine levels match needs to growth phase to ensure fast, efficient growth; eliminates overfeeding of protein/lysine, which reduces nitrogen excretion
  • Provides multiple protein sources and added synthetic amino acids to match ideal protein concept, reduces reliance on and use of soybean meal and reduces nitrogen excretion
  • Optimal inclusion of vitamins and minerals supports soundness, skeletal growth, muscle development/growth, body functions and health
  • Empirical™ NSP enzyme enables swine to better utilize the fibrous components of feedstuffs by improving their digestibility and availability. It contains a multiple enzyme complex for improved efficacy over a wide range of feedstuffs and allows greater formulation flexibility which expands the portfolio of cost-saving ingredients that can be utilized in diets
  • Phytase, an enzyme shown to increase phosphorus availability from plants, favorable impact on environment due to less phosphorus excreted in manure and may facilitate release of additional feed nutrients
  • Paylean®* option for increased rate of gain, improved feed efficiency and increased carcass leanness in finishing swine weighing not less than 150 lb
  • Medicated options are available
  • Pellet; 50-lb bag and bulk
*Not trademarks of ADM.
Refer to product label for complete mixing and feeding directions.