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ANI Grow/Finish Concentrate
  • Only supplement needed to fortify grain to produce complete diets for pigs 50 lb to market weight; simplifies mixing and ensures mixing uniformity of micro-ingredients
  • Provides appropriate amounts of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals based on growth stage; multiple mixing directions target specific weights of grow-finish pigs
  • Inclusion of synthetic amino acids frees up more “formula space” for higher grain use by reducing the amount of protein source (such as soybean meal) needed; reduces nitrogen excretion into the environment
  • Flexible mixing directions for multiple-phase feeding programs to address producer needs; match farm-specific needs based on genotype, gender and intake specific situations
  • Can be used in breeding herd rations with use of appropriate nutritional pack; allows producer greater flexibility in mixing diets and minimizes number of ingredients to inventory
  • 275-600 lb/ton inclusion rate
  • Meal; 50-lb bag and bulk
Refer to product label for complete mixing and feeding directions.