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Amino Acid Balancer Pack-HL
  • Low inclusion pack supplements grain, soybean meal and premix diets for grow-finish swine
  • Includes synthetic amino acids to provide ideal amino acid nutrient profiles, reduces soybean meal usage enabling cost savings in ration formulation and when used properly can help reduce the amount of nitrogen excreted into the environment; can also be used in breeding herd programs
  • Allows producer more flexibility in use of grain and soybean meal
  • Based on ADM Animal Nutrition™ Research ensures formulation, ingredients and mixing instructions match specific needs to maximize the opportunity for best value feeding program
  • 5-15 lb/ton inclusion rate
  • Meal; 50-lb bag
In breeding herd feeding programs, Amino Acid Balancer Pack-HL may be used to replace soybean meal at the rate of 8 lb per ton for breeding gilts, 6 lb per ton during gestation and 15 lb per ton during lactation. Each pound of Amino Acid Balancer Pack-HL can replace approximately 13 lb of high protein soybean meal.
Refer to product label for complete mixing and feeding directions.