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Swine Grow/Finish
MaxLean® premixes, concentrates and complete feeds are designed to maximize lean growth and profitability in growing and finishing pigs. Through our understanding of lean growth rates, gender and nutrient requirements at various stages of production, we’re able to design cost-effective feeding programs that maximize your herd’s genetic potential and good management practices. Key components of all MaxLean products are the incorporation of feeding technologies based on documented research relating to energy and amino acid relationships, vitamins, trace minerals and the appropriate use of phytase. By utilizing the appropriate ingredients, we can maximize best cost of performance while lessening environmental impact.

ADM Animal Nutrition™ research ensures formulation, ingredients and mixing instructions are targeted to maximize performance and economics; proper amino acid levels and ratios maximize lean growth rate; and calcium to phosphorus levels promote proper skeletal development. ADM Animal Nutrition’s proprietary formulation software, growth model and projections, allow us to continually review feeding programs, ingredients and nutrient levels to ensure we’re helping you maximize your bottom line.