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Swine Environment
One of the largest obstacles to expansion in the livestock industry nationwide is environmental concerns. One major concern is the odor associated with manure management for all species. ADM Animal Nutrition™ researchers have actively looked at solutions to odor and waste management treatments in livestock systems, conducting significant research with our Slick N’ Clean® product.

Slick N’ Clean contains:
  • Bacteria that work in both aerobic and anaerobic environments
  • Enzymes that help digest/solubilize waste
  • Activators which increase enzyme activity
  • Wetting agents which increase contact between enzymes and waste materials.
Several trials demonstrate Slick N’ Clean’s efficacy in reducing manure nitrogen, ammonia gas emissions and odor. The creation of a healthier environment is conducive to livestock production and improves working conditions.

Slick N’ Clean® Tabs 25
  • Non-toxic additive for primary lagoons and manure pits
  • Non-corrosive – it will not damage metal pipes or porcelain
  • Contains selected bacterial strains and enzymes; each tablet contains billions of viable organisms that are conducive to maintain liquid condition in lagoons and manure pits
  • Specifically designed to efficiently break down organic material, thus reducing solids and biological oxygen demand (BOD) in lagoons and manure pits
  • Tabs are designed to sink to the bottom of pits/lagoons enabling it to go directly to the problem to liquefy solids and decrease ammonia levels
  • Can be used in federally inspected meat processing facilities
  • Easy to handle and apply, making it a great alternative to liquid pit and lagoon treatments
  • Wait one week following disinfecting prior to applying Slick N’ Clean Tabs 25
  • 1 lb per 8,000 gallon capacity for manure pits, lagoons, slurry stores and holding ponds; retreat in the spring and fall or at six-month intervals
Refer to product label for usage directions.