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ADM Animal Nutrition™ Swine Feeds
ADM Animal Nutrition’s swine feed products and programs offer a successful combination of research, innovation and industry expertise, all proven in commercial settings. Working with you, our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions and economical returns for your operation now and into the future. Genetics, nutrition, herd health and management are key factors in producing lean pork efficiently and profitably. To optimize profitability in today’s highly competitive swine market, it’s essential to utilize proven technologies, production options and feeding programs that focus on efficiency and profitability.

ADM’s team of swine professionals, including commercial swine specialists, nutritionists and business managers, are available to assist you in reaching operation goals and objectives. ADM’s swine team works with you to ensure we understand your production and financial targets and continually strive to help you achieve and surpass your operation goals. When it comes to supporting pork production, ADM Animal Nutrition has one of the longest-running and most successful histories in the swine feed industry, dating back to 1885 with MoorMan’s® feeds. Today, ADM Animal Nutrition continues to be a leader in innovative swine feed formulation, specialized feeds and ingredients which are supported by outstanding manufacturing facilities and distribution network.