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Show Poultry
MoorMan's® ShowTec® Poultry Feed (70739AAF)
  • Complete show poultry feed for show chickens and show turkeys
  • Supplies critical nutrients for fast, efficient growth and development
    • Muscle mass
    • Sound structure and body mass for quality egg laying ability
  • 30% protein, 4.5% fat, 1.5% lysine and 0.55% methionine
  • CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient that may favorably impact the gut microbial population
  • Provides direct fed microbial for positive effect on nutrient digestion
  • Natural-source vitamin E for better bioavailability compared with synthetic vitamin E; needed for protection against oxidative tissue damage and immune system function
  • Selenium yeast for more bioavailable selenium which is important for immune function
  • Supplies complexed (organic) zinc for immunity, reproduction, skin and claw integrity, muscle development and eggshell quality
  • Phytase, an enzyme shown to increase phosphorus availability from plants, favorable impact on environment due to less phosphorus excreted in manure and may facilitate release of additional feed nutrients
  • Marigold extract supplies natural pigment important for deep skin, shank, beak and yolk color enhancement; also contains compounds with vitamin A activity
  • Medicated with amprolium for prevention of coccidiosis
  • Crumble; 50-lb bag 
Refer to product labels for complete feeding directions.