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Breeding Herd
MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Ewe Breeder Feed (11258AB)
  • Complete grain mix supplying energy, protein, minerals and vitamins for ewes that produce show lambs; ideal feed for ewes in late gestation and lactating ewes
  • Provides nutritional support to attain optimal reproductive efficiency and high milk production; no need to purchase, inventory or add other supplements to the diet
  • 14% protein, 4% fat and no more than 19% fiber
  • Highly digestible fiber sources for energy and to help ensure healthy rumen function
  • CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient that may favorably impact the gut microbial population
  • Ammonium chloride which has been shown to help lessen the likelihood of urinary calculi in male sheep
  • 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio helps deter urinary calculi in male sheep
  • Salt to encourage water consumption which may help deter urinary calculi
  • No added copper to help lessen the risk of copper toxicity in sheep
  • Added molybdenum to help in tying up excess copper naturally-occurring in feedstuffs
  • Thiamine to help deter polioencephalomalacia
  • Feed 1.5-2 lb per head daily depending on body condition; feed at least 1.5 lb of good-quality forage per each lb of Ewe Breeder Feed
  • Pellet; 50-lb bag