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Starting Show Goats
MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Goat Sale Prep (81072)
  • Nutritionally balanced protein-energy-vitamin-mineral feed for genetically superior, very young, growing and blooming show goats from one week of age to weaning (or 45 lb body weight)
  • 18% protein, 5% fat, no more than 15% crude fiber and 27-33 ppm copper
  • CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient that may favorably impact the gut microbial population
  • Prosponse® yeast for feed palatability and digestibility
  • Stabilized rice bran for energy, antioxidant and essential fatty acids
  • Minimum 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio to help lessen the likelihood of urinary calculi in male goats
  • Complexed (organic) zinc, copper, cobalt and manganese for optimal growth and structural development; complexed zinc and copper are especially important for hoof integrity and immune function
  • Natural-source vitamin E for better bioavailability compared with synthetic vitamin E; needed for protection against oxidative tissue damage and immune system function
  • Available with decoquinate (81072AZNE4) or monensin (81072CAUE4) for prevention of coccidiosis
  • Feed 3.33 lb per 100 lb of body weight daily for BT product; feed continuously as the sole ration for RU product 
  • Mini-pellet; 50-lb bag
Refer to product labels for complete feeding directions.