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MoorMan's® ShowTec®
We don't merely make feed, we fuel champions.

Becoming the industry leader in show livestock nutrition is built on our legacy of making quality livestock feeds dating back to the late 1800s.

Championship performance through feed technologySM is the signature of MoorMan’s ShowTec. Research-proven and time tested MoorMan’s ShowTec products and programs have propelled thousands of exhibitors into the championship drive. We offer a vast array of MoorMan’s ShowTec feeds from our highly acclaimed show pigs feeds to show feed for cattle, sheep, goats and chickens.

MoorMan’s ShowTec products incorporate the latest in innovative feed technologies along with many patented processes and proprietary ingredients to enable show animals to reach their peak genetic presentation potential. At ADM Animal Nutrition™ we are supported by ADM’s massive strength. ADM’s breadth and depth of knowledge of ingredients and ability to understand and source ingredients have been critical to our advancements in the use of unique, functional ingredients in show products, giving a distinctive advantage to our customers. This factor, combined with our one-of-a-kind feed technology group, allows us to offer innovative products to our customers—products that no one else could deliver without ADM’s resources.

Regardless if you’re aiming for a county or state fair champion, MoorMan’s ShowTec has the products to fuel the nutritional requirements of your show livestock. Not only do we offer high-quality show feeds, but we also give back to the industry through show sponsorships, educational show clinics and a top-notch awards program for all county, state and major show winners using MoorMan’s ShowTec.