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Sheep Feeds
Nutritional power for meat and fiber production
Management and goals of sheep production are dictated by type of operation–meat or fiber production. The nutritional adequancy of the diet along with genetics will greatly influence performance whether for lean muscle deposition or fiber quality and production. Sheep are ruminants, like cattle and goats, yet unlike their ruminant counterparts, they have a sensitivity to copper. ADM Animal Nutition’s sheep products do not contain added copper sources and supply the “nutritional power” needed to ensure optimal productivity. The nutritional composition of our sheep products enable lambs to attain fast, efficient gains and for sheep on pasture or range to extract the maximum value from forages, making forage-based diets economical. In our line-up you can find complete feeds and grain mixes geared specifically for lambs from birth to market and for the breeding herd. And, for sheep on pasture or range, our free-choice supplements in block and tub form make it easy to ensure your sheep herd gets the nutritonal power they need for optimal performance.