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Pen Pals® Pleasure Rabbits
The rapidly growing hobby of raising rabbits offers something for everyone. The interest level of the back yard breeder is basically one who enjoys rabbits as pets and the charms of raising rabbits. What’s more, the hobby can be started with a modest investment, the space requirements are minimal and the rewards are quicker than with most animals due to the short breeding cycle. Rabbits, like all domestic animals are completely dependent on their owners. All food, water and physical care must be provided. The rabbits have no alternative to the food and care provided them. You are truly the master of their livelihood.

Choosing to feed Pen Pals Rabbit Pellets ensures your pleasure rabbit’s nutritional needs will be taken care of. The rest is up to you.

Pen Pals® Rabbit Pellets (80036)
A complete feed for growing and breeding rabbits
  • Nutritionally complete and balanced alfalfa-based feed meets needs of the average rabbit
  • 15% protein, 2.5% fat and 17.5-21.0% fiber
  • Exclusion of ground corn in formula promotes a healthier hindgut
  • Sarsaponin (Yucca) to help lower ammonia levels
  • Direct fed microbial for positive effect on nutrient digestion
  • Complexed trace minerals for optimal growth and structural development
  • Salt in the feed to eliminate the need for salt spools
  • Mini-pellet; 50-lb bag
For feeding amounts refer to Pen Pals Rabbit Feeding Rates.
Refer to product labels for complete feeding directions.