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Pen Pals® Rabbit Feeds
Let’s make feeding your rabbits easy, effective and enjoyable
A rabbit’s ability to achieve high productivity is strongly influenced by the nutrition it receives. Pen Pals rabbit feeds are ideal for both growing your bunnies and for developing and maintaining your breeder does and bucks. The Pen Pals brand is supported by well over 100 years of feed formulation history. It’s as simple as providing good nutrition that allows for good health to achieve the best experience in raising rabbits.
Pen Pals Rabbit Feeds are . . .
  • Highly palatable
  • Properly balanced
  • Highly digestible so your rabbits get the most out of the ration
  • Formulated without adding antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products, or artificial flavors or artificial colors

Whether you are feeding and raising rabbits for pleasure, business or show, Pen Pals complete rabbit feeds are available in multiple choices of high-quality products whose specific formulas to make feeding your rabbits easy, effective and enjoyable.