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Pen Pals® Starter-Grower
The success of any layer flock begins and depends upon raising pullets the right way. A properly developed pullet will always outperform a poorly raised pullet. It is extremely important for you to feed your birds correctly, starting the first day they arrive and right on through the laying cycle.
With Pen Pals poultry feeds, it’s……Proven Performance with a Wholesome Choice.
Specialty ingredients in Pen Pals Backyard Poultry Products benefit your backyard flock.
Pen Pals® Chicken Starter-Grower (70009)
A complete feed for starting and growing pullets
  • Designed to meet the complete nutritional needs of domestic chickens from 0 to 20 weeks of age, promoting wholesome, healthy and stress-free birds
  • Highly digestible, 18% protein and 3% fat
  • Does not contain animal products or animal by-products
  • Available without medication or with amprolium and bacitracin (prevents coccidiosis)
  • Feed from 0-20 weeks of age; total feed needed: 12-15 lb/bird for white-egg breeds; 15-18 lb/bird for brown-egg breeds
  • Crumble; 50-lb bag or 5 x 5-lb bags (case)
Product Information
Feed consumption of Pen Pals poultry products is based on average values. Actual consumption may vary significantly depending on the strain of bird, environmental conditions and weights to which the birds are raised.
Refer to product labels for complete feeding directions.