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Pen Pals® Broilers
Efficient start-to-finish broiler production begins with effective start-to-finish feeds for meat-type birds. Pen Pals broiler feeds are formulated to allow birds to efficiently develop strong, healthy bodies to permit maximum meat production after maturity. Pen Pals poultry feeds provide natural-sourced, unique ingredients to promote wholesome, healthy and stress-free birds.
With Pen Pals poultry feeds, it’s……Proven Performance with a Wholesome Choice.
Specialty ingredients in Pen Pals Backyard Poultry Products benefit your backyard flock.
Pen Pals® Meat Maker (70012)
A complete feed for finishing broilers, turkeys, ducks and geese from starting (brooding) through finishing
  • An all-in-one feed specifically designed to produce fast growing, healthy meat birds at maximum efficiency
  • No additional grain, protein, mineral or vitamin sources are needed
  • Highly digestible, 21% protein and 5% fat
  • Does not contain animal products or animal by-products
  • Medicated option available (amprolium and bacitracin)
  • Feed 10-12 lb/bird from 0-8 weeks (5-lb broiler); feed 15-20 lb/bird from 0-8 weeks (8-lb duck); feed 25-30 lb/bird from 0-13 weeks (15-lb turkey); and feed 40-50 lb/bird from 0-12 weeks (12-lb goose)
  • Crumble; 50-lb bag or 5 x 5-lb bags (case)
Product Information
Pen Pals® Poultry Scratch Block (70741)
A supplement for poultry (adult broilers and layers) and for game birds
  • Designed to be fed free-choice as a supplement to the ration for adult broilers, layers and game birds
  • Ideal for supplementing the diet of confined, adult birds
  • Comprised of wholesome, high-quality grains (coarsely cracked corn, whole sorghum milo and whole wheat) and balanced sources of minerals and vitamins
  • 7% protein, 2.5% fat, no more than 4% fiber and 3.25-4.25% calcium
  • Provide free access to poultry and game birds; consumption will vary and will be dictated by availability of natural scratch
  • 25-lb block
Product Information
Feed consumption of Pen Pals poultry products is based on average values. Actual consumption may vary significantly depending on the strain of bird, environmental conditions and weights to which the birds are raised.
Refer to product labels for complete feeding directions.