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Dairy Goat
Nutritional Highlights of Dairy Goat Power™ Complete Feeds*
  • Complete, non-medicated grain mixes that supply energy, protein, minerals and vitamins
  • Help ensure fast, efficient gains for growing and developing dairy goats
  • Provides needed nutrients to help ensure high milk production and efficient reproduction for breeding dairy goats
  • Protein options to match protein needs to growth or production stage
  • High-quality rumen bypass protein facilitates higher peak milk production
  • Highly digestible fiber provides energy needed to help maintain persistency of milk production and body weight in high producing dairy goats
  • CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient that may favorably impact the gut microbial population
  • Prosponse® yeast for feed palatability and digestion
  • Copper to help build a healthy immune response and to facilitate hoof health
  • Complexed (organic) zinc which has been shown to have a positive impact on hoof health, more persistent milk production and may help deter ringworm
  • Thiamine to help deter polioencephalomalacia
  • Selenium and vitamin E to help deter white muscle disease; needed for immune system function and reproductive efficiency
  • Vitamin A for positive impact on respiratory health and may help deter parasites
  • Pellet; 50-lb bag
Dairy Goat Power™ 16% (80861AAA)
  • 16% protein, 2% fat and no more than 7.5% fiber
Dairy Goat Power™ 14% (80862AAA)
  • 14% protein, 2% fat and no more than 7% fiber
*Do not feed Dairy Goat Power Complete Feeds to male goats. Goat Power Mineral should be offered free-choice at all times.
Goat Power products contain copper. Do not feed to sheep or other copper sensitive species.
Angora and Pygmy goats have been reported to be sensitive to copper supplementation.
Refer to product labels for complete feeding directions.