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Flight Ready™ for Game Birds
With roots tracing back to the late 1800s, ADM has built a solid foundation of producing high-quality, dependable animal feed products. The Flight Ready Game Bird Feeding Program is designed to provide critical nutrients that game birds need for fast, efficient development and growth, and crucial nutrients to ensure full potential for fertility and hatchability in the breeding flock. Successful game bird production not only depends on a sound nutritional program, but also on proper management though all stages of development.

Nutritional highlights of Flight Ready™ Products:
  • Highly digestible, complete feeds specifically formulated for game birds and fortified with multiple-protein sources and mineral-vitamin fortification
  • DaaFit® S is a unique blend of lauric acid, glycerol monolaurate, and myristic acid. Research has shown that medium chain fatty acids including glycerol monolaurate could impact a wide range of microbes including various microbes that impacts broilers’ health
  • CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient that may favorably impact the gut microbial population
  • NSP enzyme which allows more energy to become available for production purposes (Note: Starter product does not contain NSP enzyme.)
  • PrimaLac®*, a direct fed microbial for positive effect on nutrient digestion
  • Phytase, an enzyme shown to increase phosphorus availability from plants, favorable impact on environment due to less phosphorus excreted in manure and may facilitate release of additional feed nutrients
  • Natural-source vitamin E for better bioavailability compared with synthetic vitamin E; needed for protection against oxidative tissue damage and immune system function
  • Complexed (organic) zinc which is more readily available for absorption compared to inorganic zinc; zinc is important for immunity, reproduction, skin and claw integrity, muscle development and egg shell quality
  • Pellet or crumble, depending on manufacturing plant; 50-lb bag
*Not trademarks of ADM