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GROSTRONG® Ultra-Fiber™ Horse Feed
A pelleted feed for all classes of mature horses
  • Ideal for performance horses requiring a low NSC diet
  • The unique combination of highly digestible, fermentable fibers along with limited amount of non-structural carbohydrates and no corn and molasses provides a low-starch and low-sugar concentrate feed that readily supports a healthy digestive tract and lower risk of digestive upsets while ensuring energy requirements are met
  • Higher fat (8%), a highly digestible energy source, supports work requirements and adds sheen to hair coat
  • 13% protein from high-quality protein sources plus added amino acids Lysine, methionine, and threonine
  • GROSTRONG Mineral package of 28 essential minerals and vitamins, including biotin and electrolytes, in amounts and ratios unique to horses
  • Addition of complex, organic minerals may impart benefits for immunity, hoof integrity, skin/coat, skeleton and joints, and reproduction
  • Use of natural-source vitamin E, which is more bioavailable than synthetic vitamin E, is crucial for its antioxidant properties, especially during health challenges. It may also be advantageous for working horses as they are more prone to exercise-induced muscle damage.
  • Addition of CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient, may favorably impact gut microbial population
  • Includes Prosponse™ yeast for better feed palatability, digestibility, and to enhance hindgut fermentation
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