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Forage First® Summer Care (81885AAA2G)
A supplement for working horses to provide nutritional support for heat abatement
Note: For working horses, excluding performance horses. Contains capsicum.

Regardless of your discipline, summer is a great time to enjoy your equine companion. However, it also presents unique challenges such has high ambient temperatures, flies, and other physiological challenges associated with heat. Therefore, our nutritionists developed Forage First Summer Care, a unique supplement specifically formulated to help support your horse through the hot summer months.

Forage First Summer Care’s low feeding rate (2 oz per head daily) and advanced nutrition delivers an economical means to help facilitate good health in the hot summer months.

Each scoop of Forage First Summer Care contains a concentrated source of unique ADM ingredients designed to nurture wellness.
  • Thermal Care™, a patent-pending technology which utilizes encapsulated plant extracts to help alleviate some of the physiological and health challenges associated with heat stress
  • CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient that is a proven, truly unique whole-cell inactivated yeast (Pichia guilliermondii). CitriStim may help the animal strengthen its defense against health challenges by supporting and optimizing gut function, gut integrity, and body defense responses, strengthening production. CitriStim provides proven benefits.
  • Garlium, a garlic based flavoring ingredient with highly concentrated garlic extracts and oils
  • Cell Rate®, provides nucleotides that support natural cell growth and proliferation
  • Highly palatable
  • Pellet; 3.75-lb package
Refer to product label for complete feeding directions.