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P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Driven TechnologySM
P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Driven TechnologySM is a combination of unique components chosen specifically for their beneficial impact on horse performance and health.


The details:
CitriStim® is an ADM proprietary, proven, truly unique, whole-cell yeast beneficial for all life stages and performance levels of horses. CitriStim may help the horse strengthen its defense against health challenges by supporting and optimizing gut function, gut integrity, and body defense responses.
Prosponse® yeast is an ADM proprietary yeast derived from a controlled fermentation process utilizing brewers yeast from a highly researched, genetically selected strain of Saccharamyces cerevisiae. Prosponse yeast has been shown to enhance feed palatability, fiber digestibility and hindgut fermentation.

Unique Fibers
A horse’s digestive system is unique in that forage digestion occurs in the hindgut after the feed passes through the stomach. Highly digestible fibers (referred to as “super fibers”) contain more fermentable material compared to hay, yielding more energy to the horse so that there is less need to feed energy-dense grains that predispose the horse to digestive and metabolic conditions. Beet pulp and soy hulls are notable “super fibers” used in ADM Animal Nutrition’s Premium Blend products.

ADM’s equine research program is a dedicated process and enables us to provide “Proven Performance from Innovative Nutrition®.” Through our own research, proprietary data and field research, combined with efforts at land grant universities and our business partners, we are at the forefront of determining horse nutritional needs.

Probiotics (sometimes referred to as direct fed microbials) are beneficial bacteria that populate the digestive tract. Inclusion of high-quality probiotics in the diet of horses creates a gastrointestinal tract that facilitates better nutrient absorption and increases the population of good bacteria. ADM Animal Nutrition’s Premium Blends contain PrimaLac®*, a highly viable, direct-fed microbial, due to its proven efficacy.

Ground flaxseed provides a rich source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids characteristics which have a positive effect on skin and hair coat quality and on reproduction.

Stabilized Rice Bran
Stabilized rice bran makes an excellent energy source for horses and is superior to non-stabilized rice bran. It contains 20% fat from natural rice oil and has high concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, hypoallergenic protein (13%) and possesses a unique composition of non-structural carbohydrates. This ingredient is valuable for increasing the amount of energy a feed provides without contributing to a “grain-high” disposition and digestive disorders associated with feeding large amounts of grain.

Natural-Source Vitamin E
Natural-source vitamin E is chemically unique and biologically superior to synthetic vitamin E. It is preferentially retained in body tissues and for longer time in the body making it more bioavailable compared with synthetic vitamin E. Vitamin E is an integral component of immune function and may be especially beneficial during periods of stress.

*Not a trademark of ADM.