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PRIMEGLO® (81578)
An ultra-premium, concentrated feed for mature horses.
Forage First PRIMEGLO is formulated to be fed along with good-quality forages. Forage First PRIMEGLO contains HEALTHY GLOTM, Omega FlaxTM, vegetable oil, and highly digestible fiber from alfalfa, beet pulp, and soybean hulls. Forage First PRIMEGLO comes in a soft pellet which is easy for the mature horses to chew.

Inside Tract™
A unique supplement designed to support the gastrointestinal tract that combines the synergy from CitriStim® (an ADM proprietary whole cell yeast). direct fed microbials, and Cell Rate® (a unique blend of nucleotides that support natural cell growth and proliferation).

Butyric Acid
Butyric Acid and Zinc combined may strengthen cell junctions in the intestinal tract and lead to improved nutrient absorption. Providing a stronger barrier against toxins, pathogens, and parasites.

Omega Flax™
A rich source of omega 3 essential fatty acids known to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

A combination of 28 vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to ensure your senior friend has the nutrients they need.

Natural -Source Vitamin E
More bio-available than synthetic vitamin E. Natural source Vitamin E protects body tissues from oxidative damages. In this way, vitamin E is vital for protection during health challenges, and may be especially important for active horses as they are more prone to exercise-induced muscle damage.

Complexed, Organic Minerals Zinc, Manganese, & Copper
Complexed (organic minerals) minerals are more readily available for absorption compared with inorganic sources which could be crucial to stressed horses.
Product Information
Refer to product label for complete feeding directions.