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Feeding Broodmares
Body condition
To help ensure successful reproductive efficiency, attention to body condition is key. Broodmares should be kept in optimal body condition of 6-7. How well a broodmare maintains body condition is reflective of the feeding program.

Nutrient requirements over the first 8 months of gestation are the same as an open mare. During the last 3 months of gestation nutrient requirements increase, yet the mare’s feed intake may become restricted due to the rapidly growing fetus. It then becomes important to ensure nutrient needs are met in a quantity of feed the mare can consume.

Places the greatest demand on nutrient needs. Careful management is needed to ensure proper feeding of the nursing mare so that she does not lose body condition, which could affect rebreeding.

Refer to Usage & Feeding Guidelines under the “Resources” section for recommended products to feed to broodmares.
Additional energy can be supplied with HEALTHY GLO® or MOORGLO®.