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Forage First®
We’re “Doing what’s right for the horse.”SM
ADM’s Equine Program is focused at providing high-quality, research-supported nutritional products for horses of all life stages and performance levels.
ADM Animal Nutrition’s Forage First® Program . . .
  • Puts horse feeding priorities in the right order
  • Based on the horse’s unique digestive system
  • Built on the foundation of feeding horses as nature intended with good-quality forage comprising a large proportion of the diet
  • Primarily rely on highly digestible, fermentable fiber sources and fats/oils (stabilized rice bran and vegetable oils) rather than high-starch diets to meet energy needs
  • Results: Your horse can perform better with less risks of metabolic and digestive disorders.
ADM was the first feed company to develop and promote the forage first concept of feeding horses. We have a long history in feed manufacturing that dates back to the late 1800s and our first equine product, MoorMan’s® GROSTRONG® Minerals, was produced in 1925. 
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