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Fortress™ Certified Organic Dairy Minerals
Producing high-quality, wholesome products that meet today’s consumer demand is a common goal among dairy producers. Fortress Organic Dairy Mineral products are specifically manufactured for dairy cows producing milk under organic regulations and management practices utilizing approved ingredients and processed under organic manufacturing certification. Fortress Certified Organic Dairy Mineral products provide optimal nutrition to dairy cows and heifers, which is critical for helping maintain production, reproduction, health and organic producer profitability.

Rely on Fortress Certified Organic Dairy Minerals:
  • Meet the requirements for organic milk production
  • Manufactured under stringent organic certification requirements assures product integrity
  • Balanced and high bioavailable sources of inorganic trace minerals (zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt, iodine and iron) support immune function and reproductive efficiency and help avoid antagonistic interactions among trace minerals
  • Environmentally-conscious (ECO-NutritionSM) formulation helps maximize nutrient efficiency while minimizing excess nutrient excretion, such as phosphorus, in manure
  • Optimal amounts of vitamins help ensure optimum health and performance
  • Formulated by dairy nutrition experts and backed by ADM Animal Nutrition™ research
  • On-farm technical support from your ADM Animal Nutrition Specialist, Dealer and the Dairy Solutions® Team
Fortress™ Organic Lactation Mineral PL
  • Formulated for lactating dairy cows
  • Includes salt
  • 0.7 lb per head daily
Fortress™ Organic Dry Cow Mineral PL
  • Meets specific mineral needs of dry dairy cows
  • Includes salt
  • 0.3 lb per head daily
Fortress™ Organic Heifer Mineral
  • Meets specific mineral needs of growing replacement dairy heifers
  • Includes salt
  • 0.33 lb per head daily
Refer to product label for complete mixing and feeding directions.