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Nutritional Additives
ADM Animal Nutrition™ offers a diverse portfolio of targeted solutions-based nutritional additives and animal health products to optimize animal health, performance and subsequent dairy operation profitability.

ADM Animal Nutrition’s nutritional additives portfolio offers product selections for specialized strategic nutritional supplementation. A variety of options to meet your objectives are available.

Aminoshure®-XM provides a concentrated source of rumen-bypass methionine which is beneficial for production of milk protein and milk yield
Rumixer products provide a means to add approved ionophores to lactation, calf, heifer replacement and dairy beef diets
Thermal Care™ R
Thermal Care™ R, a patent-pending technology that utilizes unique, specially selected, research-tested compounds proven to help alleviate heat stress
MasterPlex™ Plus
MasterPlex™ Plus and other combinations of trace mineral complexes
RumeNext®-Dairy enhances rumen function by favorably altering rumen fermentation and rumen-protein digestion for favorable production responses
Refer to product labels for complete mixing and feeding directions.
*Not a trademark of ADM.