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Allure™ Robotic Feed Program
The use of robotic milking systems is on the rise. Labor needs, labor cost and quality of life considerations are major factors accelerating the conversion to robotic milking. Next generation farmers raised in an era of unprecedented technological advancements readily utilize the immediate data generated by robotic systems.

At ADM Animal Nutrition™, we’re committed to delivering the very best nutrition in a robotic milk system feed to allure animals to the system and balance the partial TMR. The Allure Program is formulated to promote optimal pellet acceptance while ensuring pellet durability; both critical factors in transitioning cows into a robotic milking system for optimal performance.
Allure Robot Pellet Feeds
  • Available in 16%, 18% and 20% protein formulations
  • Complement of RUP (rumen undegradable bypass protein) and RDP (rumen degradable protein) sources gives appropriate balance of protein fractions to optimize performance
  • All plant proteins (no animal sourced proteins) offer palatability and digestibility for optimal intake consistency and nutrient availability to support milk production
  • Multiple starch sources helps ensure optimal carbohydrate balance which has a positive influence on energy efficiency
  • Multiple sugar sources provide readily utilizable energy plus palatability enhancement, encourage feed intake and support milk production
  • Moderate level of buffer helps optimize rumen pH, supporting a healthy rumen and consistent feed intake
  • Fortified with trace minerals and vitamins A, D and E to partially meet mineral and vitamin needs to support milk production, body functions and reproduction; provides 25% to 33% of the lactating cow’s requirements (based on amount of Allure consumed)
  • Pellet binder and flavorings help ensure good pellet quality and palatability, lessening feed waste and facilitating consistent intake
Refer to product label for complete mixing and feeding directions.