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Dairy Heifer Development
Two-year-olds make up more than 40% of most high producing herds which means that first lactation heifers have a large impact on the lactating herd’s performance. Heifers grown at slower rates do not reach breeding size at the desired age and produce less milk during their lifetime. ADM Animal Nutrition’s Heifer Program encompasses two lines of feed products, LegenDairy™ and Fortress™, which provide a complete line-up of heifer development options with advanced ADM technologies designed to maximize heifer health and performance.

LegenDairy™ Heifer Development Program
During the transition from growing calf to first-calf heifer, it is critical to provide the right amounts and balance of nutrients to ensure top growth and reproductive performance which will lead to better overall lactation performance. LegenDairy Heifer Development products provide the nutritional platform to move heifers into the lactating herd as efficiently as possible. Heifers should have good structural growth and weight gain to achieve a targeted calving weight of 1250 to 1350 lb and a body condition score of 3.25 by 22-24 months of age.
LegenDairy heifer products feature:
  • High-quality, plant protein sources maximize protein utilization to consistently meet the needs of growing heifers (LegenDairy Heifer Mineral products do not provide protein sources)
  • Multiple energy sources in LegenDairy Heifer Complete feeds support growth and development
  • Balanced mineral fortification provides needed base and trace minerals in amounts and ratios necessary for optimum growth, skeletal development, body processes and immune function; includes salt for electrolyte balance
  • Hydroxy forms of copper, zinc and manganese provides higher mineral potency, stability in feed and better absorption in the small intestine (not included in LegenDairy Heifer OTM Plus Mineral)
  • Inclusion of vitamins crucial for metabolism, immune function and reproduction
  • Natural-source vitamin E for better bioavailability compared with synthetic vitamin E; needed for protection against oxidative tissue damage and immune system function
  • High-quality, consistent, highly bioavailable and palatable ingredients help ensure consistent intake and efficient heifer growth and development
  • Pelleted to ensure consistent intake with minimal waste
  • For best growth of heifers, nutrient content of the diet should be appropriately balanced
LegenDairy™ Heifer Complete Feeds
  • Available in three protein options (18%, 16% and 14%) to balance forage quality
  • High-quality, pelleted, complete, grain-based products provide the perfect balance of energy and protein needed to achieve top gains without overconditioning developing heifers
  • 18% protein option is preferred product for accelerated performance and optimization of genetic potential
LegenDairy™ Heifer Concentrates
  • Highly fortified, pelleted concentrates formulated to be mixed with home-grown grains to make complete heifer feed
  • Three options:
    • 36% protein with NPN (urea) and natural protein
    • 40% all-natural protein
    • 45% NPN (biuret and urea) with natural protein
LegenDairy™ Heifer Mineral
  • Provides balanced mineral-vitamin (including natural-source vitamin E) supplementation formulated for the developing dairy heifer
  • Includes unique hydroxy trace minerals (copper, zinc and manganese) and salt
  • 0.3 lb per head daily
LegenDairy™ Heifer Mineral Biuret
  • Provides balanced mineral-vitamin (including natural-source vitamin E) supplementation formulated for the developing dairy heifer
  • Provides NPN (biuret and urea)
  • Includes unique hydroxy trace minerals (copper, zinc and manganese) and salt
  • 0.4 lb per head daily
LegenDairy™ Heifer OTM Plus Mineral
  • Provides balanced mineral-vitamin supplementation formulated for the developing dairy heifer
  • Zinpro’s Availa®* Plus complexed (organic) trace minerals (comprised of zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt) and inorganic sources of zinc, copper, manganese, iodine and selenium in amounts and ratios that have been shown in research studies to be beneficial to claw integrity
  • Do not feed to lactating dairy cows
  • 0.3 lb per head daily
*Not a trademark of ADM.
Refer to product label for complete mixing and feeding directions.