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Milk Replacer Supplements
Milk Bridge
Pasteurized Milk Supplement
A dairy calf supplement designed to be mixed with pasteurized milk to provide supplemental nutrients (protein, fat and vitamins) to balance milk solid variability, optimizing calf health and performance.
  • 20% protein using a multiple protein formula and 20% fat
  • Dextrose for added energy
  • Vitamin-fortified to support health, vigor, sound immune system and sturdy frame, resulting in optimum growth
  • Selenium yeast for more bioavailable selenium which is important for immune function
  • Lasalocid for control of coccidiosis
  • ClariFly®*, a pass through larvicide to help deter fly populations by inhibiting the exoskeleton development of fly larvae; no withdrawal.
Milk Energizer
Cold Stress Supplement
A high-energy, instant-mixing, dry fat source for increasing the total energy content of milk replacer. The energy from Milk Energizer will help keep calves in a positive energy balance during days of unpredictable cold weather or low feed intake.
  • 20% protein from multiple sources, including milk proteins, and 60% fat
  • To be fed according to ambient temperatures and calf weight. Consult with your ADM representative for optimal feeding directions based upon these factors.
  • 25-lb or 50-lb bags
Refer to product label for complete mixing and feeding directions.