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Dairy Calf
The complete line-up of ADM Animal Nutrition™ Calf Milk Replacers, Starters and Growers offers a unique combination of superior manufacturing, high-quality ingredients and ADM proprietary feed technologies to help your herd replacements achieve their full genetic potential.
Pre-weaning nutrition is critical to enable your calves to get the strong start they need to achieve best performance. ADM’s premium NurseTrate® Milk Replacers are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and technological advancements, including SI Insideā„ , providing calves with the foundation needed for growth, health and efficient performance. (Use italics for SI Inside on all occurrences.)
ADM calf milk replacers are available with different options to meet specific needs including industry-leading technologies such as:
  • Bovatec®*, a unique feed additive to control coccidiosis
  • ClariFly®*, a pass-through larvicide to help deter fly populations by inhibiting the exoskeleton development of fly larvae; no withdrawal
LegenDairy™ Calf Starters and Growers
LegenDairy™ Calf Starters and Growers are highly fortified, pelleted, complete grain-based feeds that include advanced ADM technologies and precise nutritional balance to fuel efficient growth and support health in meeting heifer replacement succession planning goals (age at first calving, ROI and lifetime production). The LegenDairy program is formulated for optimal rumen development and to provide key nutrient sources for efficient, structural growth.
LegenDairy™ Concentrates
LegenDairy™ Concentrates are highly fortified, pelleted supplements that can be mixed with homegrown grains to provide protein, mineral and vitamin fortification along with ADM technologies to support top growth and health.
Dairy Solutions® Sweet Unique™ Calf Starters and Growers
Dairy Solutions® Sweet Unique™ Calf Starters and Growers are complete, grain-based, “sweet,” pelleted feeds that offer an extremely palatable alternative to traditional sweet, texturized feed. Sweet Unique feeds are produced using ADM’s patented cold pelleting process that helps retain freshness, palatability and condition better than traditional sweet feeds. Sweet Unique is available in 18%, 20% and 22% protein starter options to complement milk replacers and a 16% protein grower geared for weaned calves. These products offer an attractive economic alternative to traditional sweet feeds without the stickiness, bridging and fly attraction associated with texturized sweet products.
SI InsideSM
Excellent calf management, genetics, nutrition, and health protocols give nursing calves these advantages:
  • Better calf health and efficient growth
  • Fewer required treatments
  • Lower calf morbidity
  • Lower calf mortality
ADM’s SI Inside is a specific, advanced blend of carbohydrates, prebiotic starch, natural-source vitamin E, complexed (organic) trace minerals, and natural botanicals. This unique, proprietary technology combination delivers benefits to calves fed ADM NurseTrate® milk replacers.
One of the beneficial components of SI Inside is an ADM proprietary feed ingredient, a proven, truly unique whole-cell inactivated yeast product, that may help the animal strengthen its defense against health challenges by supporting and optimizing gut function, gut integrity, and body defense responses, strengthening production.
Research1 has shown calves fed milk replacer containing a component in SI Inside responded with better growth response advantage over controls, supporting better efficiency.

1ADM research studies D07103 and D07201