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Gro Fast® Dairy Beef Program
ADM Animal Nutrition’s Gro Fast Program is structured to attain desirable carcass traits through efficient daily gains and feed conversion. The research, formulation and testing of Gro Fast products are instrumental in Gro Fast’s feedlot success. The Gro Fast Program approach to feeding your dairy beef hinges on efficiency . . . maximizing the dairy steer’s ability to gain quickly and efficiently . . . From birth to market, you can trust the Gro Fast Program to deliver the Choice beef grade consumers demand.
  • Maximum dairy beef performance – The Gro Fast Program is tailored to make the most of your dairy beef’s genetic potential to deposit a large amount of lean tissue efficiently and quickly
  • Promotes high-yielding carcasses – Gro Fast helps promote proper protein and fat deposition to produce high grade and yield carcasses
  • Program flexibility with its product line-up – The Gro Fast Program offers you flexibility to choose Gro Fast supplements which complement feeding programs
  • Low level of roughage – A minimum amount of roughage is needed to promote stable digestion, which promotes feed utilization and efficiency
  • High-energy program achieves fast, efficient gains – Gro Fast grow/finishing programs are based on high-energy feedstuffs fortified with protein sources, essential macro and trace minerals and vitamins
  • Maintains stable, consistent feed intake – Made possible by utilizing a small amount of roughage in diets, especially when cattle are exposed to adverse weather conditions
  • Promotes feed efficiency – Ionophore options are available to further promote feed efficiency