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Dairy Feeds
When you choose ADM for any of your dairy cattle feeds and feeding programs, you get Dairy Solutions® you can count on. ADM’s Dairy Solutions Value Proposition focuses on three crucial areas involving today’s dairy herd operations . . .
  • Maximizing milk margin
  • Optimizing health and reproduction
  • Achieving sustainability
Helping you grow herd income over feed cost in all phases of dairy production, while raising the bar on herd health and reproduction, is achieved through ADM’s on-farm consultation, proprietary feed technologies and situational-based dairy programs.
What’s the value of achieving sustainability? It’s priceless. ADM Animal Nutrition™ dairy feed programs are balanced to minimize excess nutrient excretion providing for more efficient nutrient use and environmental sustainability. ADM’s Dairy Solutions help achieve efficient animal performance, productivity and health in a sustainable and consumer-friendly manner.

ADM Animal Nutrition offers you resources, products and ingredients, all supported through continued industry investment in feed manufacturing facilities, research and development, and value-based solutions that include:
  • Diverse portfolio of nutritional and animal health programs for all phases of dairy production
  • On-farm herd consultation and services
  • Resolution® farm-specific formulations
  • Feed risk management programs
  • Commodity procurement program
  • Enertia® ̶ Rumen bypass fat that provides exceptional energy density to support body condition, milk production and reproductive efficiency
  • CitriStim® ̶ An ADM proprietary feed ingredient that may favorably impact the gut microbial population and body defense mechanisms
  • Thermal Care™ R ̶ Utilizes unique, specially selected, research-tested compounds proven to help alleviate heat stress in high-producing dairy cows
  • RumeNext®-Dairy – Specially-selected plant extracts that provide a proven technological solution to alter rumen fermentation for favorable production responses
  • Prosponse® Yeast – For feed palatability and digestion
  • Sweet Unique™ Calf Feeds – Utilizing cold pellet technology
  • ADM SI Inside Calf Feed Technology