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Forage Preservatives
The foundation of your herd's nutritional program is your forage base. Optimizing forage quality results in less out-of-pocket feed costs and helps maximize animal productivity. ADM provides a wide array of silage preservative products to help meet key production objectives. ADM offers two premier lines of forage preservatives; Ecosyl®* (from Volac International Limited) and International Stock Food (ISF) products.
Ecosyl Products
Ecosyl silage inoculants feature MTD/1, a specific strain of Lactobacillus plantarum that has been proven through extensive research to provide effective fermentation across a wide range of crops, temperatures and pH levels. Ecosyl Ecocool®* provides a combination of MTD/1 Lactobacillus plantarum and PJB/1, a unique strain of Lactobacillus buchneri isolated by Volac and proven on a range of forage crops to inhibit the activities of the yeasts and molds that cause aerobic spoilage of silages. Ecocool Grain provides the same MTD/1 + PJB/1 combination specifically for high-moisture grain application. Ecosyl MTD/1 products are available in dry and water soluble options. Ecocool and Ecocool Grain products are available in water soluble form.

ISF Products
ISF silage preservatives provide a unique mode of action utilizing sulfur compounds that in the presence of moisture and plant acids retard the growth of undesirable aerobic bacteria and fungi (molds and yeast), thus saving available sugar for lactic acid production. The sulfur compounds act as oxygen scavengers which rapidly stop the growth of undesirable bacteria, molds and yeast. Silo Guard II provides a combination of sulfur compounds, enzymes and sugars that act as a fermentation aid and mold and yeast inhibitor with application across all forages. Hay Guard®** is specifically formulated for hay application and provides a combination of sulfur compounds. Ration Guard®** is another offering providing a patented means to inhibit mold growth and limit secondary fermentation in grain mixes and total mixed rations. For those seeking a certified-organic option, ISF's Eureka™** provides a dry applied option for all forage types. Silo Guard®** II is available in both dry and direct liquid-applied forms. Hay Guard is available in liquid application. Eureka and Ration Guard are available in dry-applied form.
*Trademarks of Volac International Limited.
**Trademarks of International Stock Foodternational Limited.