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Roughage Buster®
As a cattle producer, you know the efficiency of converting the most basic resource (forage) to salable pounds of beef is what drives profitability. And nothing enhances that conversion from mature forage like ADM Animal Nutrition’s Roughage Buster. Roughage Buster is a uniquely designed supplement designed to provide crude protein, scientifically formulated major and trace minerals, plus vitamins A, D and E to cattle on pasture or high roughage rations. The crude protein is supplied primarily by ADM’s exclusive product biuret, a non-protein nitrogen source, which is released gradually in the rumen. The bottom line – Roughage Buster supplementation pays by delivering the most economical nutritional program, enabling cattle to consume more forage and extract more energy, leading to better productivity.
Roughage Buster features:
  • Biuret – An ADM exclusive source of slow release, non-protein nitrogen that enhances the rumen microbes’ ability to more extensively digest forage
  • Rumen bypass copper, zinc and manganese
  • Proprietary source of cobalt – A unique source of cobalt, facilitating better forage digestion for more available energy
  • Magnesium carbonate – A more available source of magnesium with a huge perk that it’s highly palatable; no more trying to mask the taste of traditional magnesium sources
  • No added potassium – Forages typically supply ample amounts of potassium
  • More efficient utilization of your forage resources
  • Provides needed protein, minerals and vitamins; a nutritionally balanced diet will result in better cow condition, better feed efficiency, more milk production, better-breed back and enhanced forage utilization
  • Encourages faster gain in growing cattle and developing heifers
  • Safe to feed to all classes of cattle during all stages of production
  • Forms – loose (granular) 50-lb bag, 33.3 lb blocks and tubs (cooked and pressed)
Product Information
Refer to product labels for complete mixing and feeding directions.