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MoorGuard® Minerals
It’s a hassle-free and effective method of deworming cattle plus it delivers MoorMan’s® Minerals! The active ingredient in MoorGuard Minerals is fenbendazole, which is consumed with the minerals.
MoorGuard is the easy way to guard your herd profits with convenience and efficiency.
  • Economic losses due to absent or an ineffective deworming program may cost cattle producers up to $200 per head during the grazing season
  • Research documents controlling damaging internal parasites leads to better performance of calves and stockers along with better reproductive performance of brood cows
  • Deworming with MoorGuard Minerals is a simple and easy way to deliver Safe-Guard®* . . . it’s fed free-choice over three to six days
  • 20-lb pails
Refer to product label for complete mixing and feeding directions.
*Not a trademark of ADM.