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Beef Cubes
ADM Animal Nutrition’s Range Cubes fit well into any operation. These products focus on low cost inputs in a convenient method to supplement low-quality or dormant forages. ADM Animal Nutrition offers a variety of cube formulations to bridge the nutritional gap between the animals’ requirements and that of the base diet. Don’t let low-quality forage limit grazing cattle performance. ADM Animal Nutrition’s high-quality, high-energy, high-fat, extruded range cubes provide the extra energy and protein cattle need to optimize performance when grazing forages that are limited in energy and protein content.
  • Energy is supplied from fat and gelatinized starch for better digestibility and efficiency
  • The extrusion process increases the percentage of rumen bypass protein which is beneficial for weight gain and body condition
Result: Providing grazing cattle with needed energy, fat and protein can help keep production on target.
Refer to product labels for complete mixing and feeding directions.
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