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AminoGro™ Products
If you are managing cattle where the goal is proper and proportionate “growth” on forage-based diets, AminoGro products are the perfect fit. AminoGro products balance forage-based diets with the appropriate amino acid profile, whether you’re supplementing grazing cattle, feeding cubes and creep or feeding a predominately roughage-based TMR. AminoGro products will typically be fed or incorporated into a TMR at high feeding rates or as a complete feed. AminoGro products incorporate AminoGain® technology and are formulated to complement the amino acid profile of forage-based beef diets. The proprietary knowledge embedded in AminoGain® technology taps into the full genetic potential of the beef animal. By balancing amino acids in cattle diets based on requirements, maximum genetic expression can be achieved with greater profit potential. The bottom line is more efficient production and performance at a lower investment per pound of gain.
AminoGro Features
  • Targeted combination of essential amino acids – Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the animal and must be provided in the diet. These essential amino acids must be present in specific ratios to maximize lean production while at the same time enhancing energy efficiency
  • Hydroxy copper – A rumen bypass source of copper, reducing potential negative interaction; independent research validates high mineral absorption to the animal
  • Proprietary source of cobalt – A unique source of cobalt, facilitating better forage digestion for more available energy
  • Performs the best when efficient lean growth is desired for grazing cattle or where cattle are fed high-forage diets where hand-feeding can be easily facilitated
  • AminoGro eliminates the need for purchasing and storing co-products and/or corn as energy sources are included in the formulation
AminoGro product classes
  • AminoGro 6, 12, and 18 lb products
  • AminoGro 6 + 3 (9 lb feeding rate) and AminoGro 12 + 6 (18 lb feeding rate) (Note: the “+” indicates the amount of corn added.)
Refer to product labels for complete mixing and feeding directions.