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Beef Feedlot
Maximizing profit, performance and efficiency is the goal of ADM Animal Nutrition’s feedlot programs. For growing and finishing cattle performance, protein nutrition can impact profitability. Tremendous advancements in genetics over the past several decades has outpaced conventional nutritional feeding strategies, creating a gap between actual performance and the full genetic performance potential. Protein is key for lean muscle deposition (growth). Not only that, but protein is vital to enzymatic activity, immunity, reproduction and even structural support. The importance of mineral nutrition may be one of the most unrecognized factors contributing to feedlot cattle performance. Grains and roughages are nutritionally incomplete. The extent to which nutrients are lacking depend on feedstuff nutrient content, quality and cattle nutrient needs. While minerals comprise only a fraction of the total amount of nutrients required by cattle, they form the nutritional foundation needed for productive and efficient cattle feeding programs.