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ADM operates in over 60 countries to service growing world demand for food, animal feed, chemical and energy markets. ADM Animal Nutrition focuses on animal feed and pet food markets. We provide technical expertise, proven products and nutritional solutions as well as business acumen to assist customers in optimizing efficiency within their business and creating value from their investment.

ADM Animal Nutrition markets specialty feed ingredients, many of which have unique characteristics and originate from within the ADM network. We complement that offering with a variety of services including custom blending, lab services, nutritional program development and business consultation to meet the specific needs of feed, premix and pet food customers.

As a world leader in feed products and feed ingredients, ADM Animal Nutrition is qualified and dedicated to helping customers maximize animal performance and increased profitability.

Product information is only applicable to domestic (US) market. Contact us for material relevant to international markets.
Carrie Genebacher
Manager Global Registration
Amanda Dedert
Import/Export Logistics Specialist
Stephanie Hill
Import/Export Logistics Specialist
Rachel Wesslak
Import/Export Logistics Specialist