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Facilities and Technology
Our ADM Research groups in Quincy and Decatur, Illinois, including the James R. Randall Research Center, work together closely developing innovative animal feed and pet food products, ingredients, and services. ADM uses sophisticated in-situ and in-vitro techniques and individual feeding studies to determine the nutrient content, related feeding value, and best use for liquid and dry ingredients, as well as associated ingredient blends.
We use modular equipment in our Feed Technology Research Center in the development of new feed manufacturing processes. This plant is equipped with a variety of feed handling and processing equipment designed to test new ingredients in feed formulas. We can access their physical handling characteristics, evaluate variations of formulas to improve product quality and aid in development of new manufacturing processes. This group’s focus on continual improvement of animal feed manufacturing processes benefits producers through enhanced livestock performance.

In the end, it all comes down to expertise. Whether that means developing a safe product for our customers or helping to develop a customized formulation for the best possible performance, we’re more than a business resource. We’re a strategic business partner.