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The Future
ADM Animal Nutrition™ is uniquely suited for the changing times ahead. From incredible capacity to a genuine commitment to the industry, we’re ready for what’s next. The animal nutrition industry is facing many challenges, and ADM is addressing them head on. From greater consumer concern about antibiotic use and how animal waste is handled, to increased government regulations, our business is constantly changing.

As more and more people move away from farms, it’s increasingly important that we educate consumers on where their food comes from. As populations boom, we’re faced with the challenge of raising food to feed the world’s families on a finite amount of land.

To continue to produce high-quality products that meet increasingly stringent regulations, it’s essential that we use ADM’s expansive network to enforce process controls from raw materials to the food we deliver to animals. ADM Animal Nutrition™ is also working to develop new feed ingredients to improve animal health in antibiotic-free environments.

Current and Future Leaders In:
  • Efficiency. Global demand growth for our amino acids ranges from seven to 20 percent, outpacing total feed demands. As this consumption trend continues to grow, it ultimately aids global efforts to reduce animal waste.
  • Sustainability. We’re reducing the dependence on our world’s oceans and fresh fish catch by producing leading fermentation assets for large scale production.
  • Resourcefulness. We’re in a unique position to utilize and develop new products from many different production co-streams of core processing assets, increasing value for both our customer and our company.