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Our Core Competencies
At ADM Animal Nutrition™, we’ve spent decades building our knowledge and products based on a foundation of hard work by feed nutrition experts. As a result, we’re the leading global producer of livestock feed products and ingredients. We maximize resources from grains and oilseeds, resulting in quality feed ingredients, premixes, livestock feed and custom blends that yield superior results. All this while focusing on greater returns on investment for our customers.

Our expansive ingredient sourcing network, manufacturing skills, distribution system and blending capabilities allow us to serve all sectors of the livestock, poultry, specialty animal and companion animal markets. Each ADM Animal Nutrition™ product is specifically created to meet the unique nutritional needs of these species.

We take this responsibility seriously because by improving livestock nutrition, we can help enrich the world’s food supply—an essential step for meeting the world’s growing food demands.

Our products help ensure nutritional needs are met to allow animals to perform to their genetic potential while supporting health, reproductive efficiency and body condition. We offer a wide range of products for livestock, equine, poultry, rabbits, aqua, wildlife and companion animals.

We know that not every problem can be solved with a prepackaged solution. That’s why we work with our customers to develop products that fit their exact needs. Whether that’s increasing the omega-3s in eggs or feeding sows in an antibiotic-free environment, we deliver a cost-effective, quality product. This commitment helps us optimize our customers’ opportunities for efficiency, performance, profitability and satisfaction.