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Our Innovative Portfolio
ADM Animal NutritionTM is a leading manufacturing, nutrition and marketing business offering a wide range of leading-edge products for the animal nutrition market. Known as a global leader in amino acids, ADM also offers, high-quality feed products, supplements, premixes, custom ingredient blends and specialty feed ingredients to aid in optimizing animal health and nutrition goals.
Specialty Ingredients
Find the amino acid and specialty ingredients in our portfolio that can provide solutions to optimize performance, profitability and efficiency for animal feed, aquaculture and pet food producers.
Premixes & Blending
From custom blending services to developing innovative functional products to nutritional and technical expertise, see how our Premix team gives producers and manufacturers the resources, flexibility and efficiencies needed to succeed.
See how we’re working hard to help you meet nutritional needs and maintain healthy animals (livestock, equine, fish and specialty animals), while advancing the production of meat, milk and eggs.