Enertia® Program Refer to product label for complete mixing and feeding directions. Rumen Inert Fat Supplements Enertia-logo-hi-res The power of calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids . . . Enertia®, a dry, rumen inert (bypass) fat that has been produced from palm oil distillate by ADM, one of the world’s largest processor of vegetable oils. Calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids . . . . Use Enertia for ration fat levels above 5% of dry matter and feed up to 1 lb of Enertia per cow daily to realize potential effects on reproductive performance.
Enertia s/f (standard formula) EnertiaSF-USA_3Dbag_1116 Enertia p/f (pelleted formula) EnertiaPF-USA_3Dbag_1116 Enertia r/f (reproductive formula) Enertia P95 The high palmitic acid levels in Enertia P95 are more efficiently transferred from the diet into milk fat than any other fatty acid source.